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Footbags & Juggling Balls
Hacky Sacks

Japanese 5-in-1 Balls

These balls are great for either using as a footbag (also known as Hacky Sacks) or as juggling balls. They are about 1 ounces in weight. The outside rings are bright aluminium, the inside are annodized aluminium to add a splash of color. They are fun to use, colorful, and make a really unique "chink" noise like no other footbag.

Price: $15/each or 3 for $40
(please specify colors)

Japanese 4-in-1 Cubes

Japanese 4-in-1 Cube

These cubes come in three sizes. They hold their shape yet are flexible and soft to the touch. Weight varies with material and size choosen.

Materials: Steel, Brass, Bronze, Nickel Silver, Anodized Aluminum, Bright Aluminum, Copper. Other materials may be used but price may vary.

Price: $30 (small), $40 (medium), $50 (large)
(price way vary due to materials and ring size)

Shown: Brass (small), Titanium (medium & large)

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