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This section is aimed towards companies that wish to be distributors of our jewelry and other fine products or who want banners, logos, or other chainmail items for their store.

Items we have made for organizations:
- Costume armor for Persephone Theatre
- 4 fireplace screens (8 feet x 7 feet each) - made from machine welded mesh strips.
- Lamp Shades for True to Form Lighting

Items we helped make as part of a larger group of chainmailers
- Chandeliers in a bar (over 300,000 rings) - we helped make one of the chandeliers
- Banners for the Tower of London in England (440,000 rings) - we created the largest portion with 175,000 rings.

Also, companies wishing to sell our products in their stores will have access to wholesale prices on any and all products. Please contact us for more details.

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