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Customer Satisfaction Feedback

Happy customers means we are doing our job right.
If it wasn't for you then we wouldn't be here.
Thank you to everyone who has left us feedback.
Below are only a few of the kind words people have given us for
our hard work and dedication to serving our customers.

Sean - Maine, USA

"Dustin Crawford is the man, and the quality of his wallet-chains is exceptionally high. These aren't the piece of crap chains you'll find down at Hot Topic at your local mall, these are real chains meant for the discriminating user, custom built and designed by Dustin himself, and therefore more than worth the price because these things will last for years. And his chains are so good I bought four of them, and will probably go back for more as new designs become available.

I can't say enough positives about dealing with Dustin himself, and the quality of his work. Top-notch all the way, his customer service is fantastic. Always polite, pleasant, and quickly and extremely responsive to questions and/or comments.

So please consider giving him your business. He's a good guy and deserves it, and he does some really excellent work. I give both his customer service and his products my highest recommendation."

Brian - California, USA

"You were very helpful and always kept me updated. I appreciate that. Thank you for going the extra effort for me it is really hard to find people so dedicated to customer satisfaction. I will definitly visit your site often and will purchase something again in the future."

"I just got the chain today, and I can't believe how great it is. It is of high quality and i am fully satisfied with my order, so much so that i want to order another one for my girlfriend. this is fantastic craftsmanship and i am very proud to own it and wear one of your designs. i especially like the drakyl signature on the chain itself. little things like that add to the quality of this chain. i dont wear alot of accessories but this is my favorite. i replaced my other chain i got from a skateboarding wallet, and am wearing your chain mail designs right now. thanks for a great product and great customer service! i will continue to shop at your site."

Nathan - Ohio, USA

"Wow! Pictures do not do your work justice, this wallet chain is awesome! It is definitely the jaw-dropper, tho, it looks sooo much cooler in person, it's just plain badass! And not if, but WHEN, people ask, i'll be sure to send 'em your way, very very nice work...something about it just looks so unique, and eye-catching, I think it's just something about the way this [wallet chain] can look so rugged, badass, and downright beautiful all at the same time.

I'll definitely tell anyone who asks where they can pick one up. I'm not one to boast, but it seems like this chain does all the boasting on it's own :) People hear and see it coming, and something about it's so eye-catching that even some of my friends who might not have even considered wearing a chain-wallet told me it was badass, so i'll be sure to tell them who to talk to :)"

Kerry - New York, USA

"I got the wallet chain today – it looks even better than it does on your website – very well made, too." "The chain is holding up great. Best I have ever had."

Alex - Florida, USA

"Yes, thank you. We received the wallet chain very promptly after our last communication. The chain is great, very unique. I look forward to doing business again with you and recommending you to my friends."

Fabrizio - Ontario, Canada

"Hi, I just recieved my chain and all I can say is wow, the chain is amazing its really unique. Thanks again for helping me through the process and answering my questions, it was a pleasure doing business with you."

Ryan - Washington, USA

"The chain arrived to me safely and I couldn't be happier! This chain is a thing of beauty! I really like the engraved name plate on the side, that was an added bonus to the whole thing!!

Thank you for all the communication keeping me up to date on the status of my order, it made this a smoothe and comfortable transaction!"

Cameron - Pennsylvania, USA

"I just got the chain in last night, and love it. It's kind of cool to know that I'm the only one in [my city] with one. My friends will be VERY envious.


Brandi - Massachusetts, USA

"Thank you so much for taking care of me so quickly. I really appreciate your business and your work ethic. I look forward to doing business with you in the future."

Henning - Germany

"Danke an Dustin Crawford für seinen fantastischen und reibungslosen Service!
Er antwortet schnell und ist jederzeit höflich sowie hilfsbereit zugleich!
Er hilft einem gerne weiter und beratet in jeder Hinsicht sehr gewissenhaft!

Ich selbst bestellte zwei von seinen wirklich genialen "wallet chains"!
Die Qualität der Ketten ist die beste die man bekommen kann!
Die Ketten sind sehr genau verarbeitet und weißen keinerlei Beanstandungen auf!
Eine wirkliche 1A Qualität, zu einem fairen Preis!

Auch der Versand nach Deutschland verlief reibungslos und ging sehr schnell.

Die Qualität und die Ansprüche meinerseits wurden bei weitem übertroffen und ich würde jeder Zeit wieder mit Drakyl's Chainmail Designs und Dustin Crawford
Geschäfte machen und Produkte von Ihm bestellen!
Wirklich sehr empfehlenswert!!!"

Seth - California, USA

"The chain arrived in perfect condition last Friday. It was everything I expected. And thank you for your excellent customer service, I appreciated it."

John - NeW York, USA

"I got the chain today. That is some amazing work. The chain is even more impressive than I thought. Great work! I will definately be a return customer..."

Steve - Florida, USA

"I got the chain yesterday and it is outstanding. It just makes a
mockery of every other chain I've had. Thanks."

Andrei - Australia

"Your Full Persian SE arrived today and it’s awesome! As described on your site, the chain really does resemble a stainless steel snake – it even flexes like one. I love it, it’s so distinct from everything else I’ve seen. The small clasp you offered for the wallet end makes attachment real easy and saves messing around with pliers. And I like the little metal tag, signed ‘Drakyl’ – anyone asks where the chain is from, I just show ‘em the tag.

Thanks again for your great product and service."

Basil - London, UK


chain arrived today!! damn quick!!

looks great! hangs great too... lovely piece of work mate, im proud to wear it!





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