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If you would like a sample fo any of these weaves, please contact us.

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This is a very beautiful "rope weave". The way the rings are woven almost give the illusion that the rings are bending.

Byzantine goes by a few different names; Byzantine, Bird Cage, Fool's Weave.

Byzantine (Trippled center)

This is the version of Byzantine that we like best. It makes the weave look more full.


Round mail is basically 6 rows of European 4-in-1 connected in a circle. It is classified as a "rope weave".

Inverted Roundmail

This is Roundmail that has been inverted. It's rather hard to explain. This is also classified as a "rope weave".

In comparison to Roundmail, this is a much stiffer weave.


Like Roundmail, this weave is made from European 4-in-1. But instead of 6 rows, it only uses 4 rows. This gives the weave a square shape, making each section look like a little box.

Although it might be square in shape, it is also a "rope weave".

Harvest Moon

This is a weave Dustin created. He is very proud of this weave and it's one of our best selling bracelets.

If you notice, the weave is broken into sections. Each section contains 4 rings in a 1-2-1 pattern. Though not very round, this would be a "rope weave".

Believe it or not, the two weaves in this picture are the same. The different color patterns make it look completely different.

Cresent Moon

This is a variation of the Harvest Moon weave. Where as Harvest Moon goes 1-2-1, this weaves pattern goes 2-1-2, and each section is offset.

Like Harvest Moon, this is a "rope weave".


(no picture at this time)

This weave looks very cool. It makes lovely jewelry. The catch with this "rope weave" is that unless it is anchored at both ends it will unwind.

This unwinding causes this weave to be bit of a pain if used by itself as the wearer needs to wind it up each time before wearing it. This is classified as a "rope weave".

Double Spiral

(no picture at this time)

Unlike the normal Spiral, this weave will not unwind. The doubled rings causes it to maintain it's spiral at all times.

Prairie Fire

Another weave that Dustin invented.

At first glance, this weave looks like a jumble of rings, but upon closer inspection you'll notice re-occuring patterns. It's a combination of Japanese and Persian weaves.

It is meant to be used as a sheet weave, is very thick, very durable, and is pretty flexible too. This would make for amazing armor but would be very heavy do to it's density.

Mobius Ball

(no picture at this time)

A very fun little toy. These things can be quite addictive to play with. They also help relieve stress in the same way a Worry Stone works, except it's not a stone and can improve hand and finger coordination and dexterity.

Every ring is fed through every other ring. This makes it possible to keep rolling the rings through each other without ever stopping. As like the Mobius Loop that has no beginning or end, the Mobius Ball has no first or last ring.

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