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If you would like a sample fo any of these weaves, please contact us.
Half Persian 3-in-1

This is basically Full Persian 6-in-1 cut in half.

Each ring passes through 3 other rings. It's very hard to start this weave when you first try. I spent easily a few hours the first time I tried. Now I can start it with no aid in no time.

Half Persian 4-in-1

This is the same as Half Persian 3-in-1 except each ring passes through 4 rings.

This one is near impossible to start. I have yet to start it. Basically you get a small strip from someone else and then add to it, always keeping the initial piece for later.

Due to it's weave, it takes a long time to make a strip of this intricate weave.

Half Persian 3-in-1 Doubled

My first attempt at this one took me a full day to figure out and I ended up inventing a new weave from a slight error I made while trying to figure it out (see Half Persian 3-in-1 Doubled Half-Spiral).

Makes a very thick, full weave. This could be classified as a "rope weave". Takes a very long time to make.

Half Persian 3-in-1 Doubled Half-Spiral

I accidentally invented this weave while trying to figure out the Half Persian 3-in-1 Doubled weave.

It's basically the same except that it has a natural spiral that slowly twist the weave. All I really did was un-connect a strip of rings on the one side which causes the weave to be a bit boxier then normal.

When I get a chance I'm going to see if I can make a full spiral by un-connecting the other side.

Full Persian 6-in1

This is a very strong and lovely looking weave. Each ring is woven through 6 others.

If looked at closely, one will notice that the top and bottom sides "point" in one direction and the two sides "point" inthe opposite direction.

This is classified as a "rope weave" due to it being roundish.

Full Persian 6-in1 Bear Claw

(no picture at this time)

Normal Full Persian which has all 4 sides "point" in the same direction. This makes for a stiffer weave.

Full Persian 8-in-1

A very tight weave which is normally avoided because it's nearly impossible to make in long lengths. Each ring passes through 8 rings.

I accidentally made this instead while trying to make Full Persian 6-in-1.

Full Persian 8-in-1 Bear Claw

The same as Full Persian 6-in-1 Bear Claw except each ring goes through 8 rings.

I also accidently made this instead while trying to make Full Persian 6-in-1.

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