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Privacy Policy

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After reading these policies please understand that we do want our customers to be satisfied and we will do what we can to make you happy so you will come back again. After all, without you there would be no us.

Since our website is still in the development stage, the following statements may be subject to changes, deletions, and additions. Please check this page every so often to see if changes have been made.

Our current privacy policy is quite simple but is very safe and secure.

Currently the only information we ask from our customers is information required for us to fulfill orders. This information is also be used for clarifying orders and to notify you of the orders progress.

The information that we require is: your name, address (street address, house number, Postal code/ ZIP code, province/ state, country, and if needed: PO Box #, department number). We also require an email address, as this is our primary way of contacting our customers.

All information that we collect from you will be stored off-line. This means that it will not be accessible from the Internet. So hackers cannot get at your information unless they physically walk into our office and access the files on our computer system. Rest assured, we'd know if some stranger was at our computer and we would have issues with that above and beyond your privacy :)

The only way to purchase our products online right now is through Paypal. Paypal is the number one online instant payment company in the world. If you don't have an account with them but want to pay online you'll need to register with them first. They are a secure and safe company that will keep your personal information private and protected. This said, when you pay through them, your shipping/mailing address will be sent to us. If any or all of this information is not already in our files, we will copy this information to our files. This information is basically all the information that we collect anyways (name, address, email) so there is no danger in us getting extra information on you.

As it stands right now Credit Card numbers will not be kept in our files for any reason. If you credit card number is supplied to us (by you or Paypal) we will only keep it long enough for the current payment transaction. At that time we will delete any and all records of your credit card number from our files.

Any and all personal information will never be sold, shared, given, or transferred by any other means to any third party for any reason. We know what it's like to get span emails from third parties and don't want to be part of the reason for you receiving any.

We pride ourselves in keeping our customers safe. If at any time you decide you want your information removed from our files, email us and we will promptly remove any and all information about you we have on file.

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