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We offer our customers and clients a wide variety of products. To make it simpler to find what you are looking for we have split our products into four main sections:

Jewelry: These beautiful chainmail pieces make great additions to anyone's jewelry collection. Our jewelry collection includes common items like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and anklets, but also includes more unique items like handflowers and headdresses.
Casual Wear: These are chainmail items that aren't jewelry but can be worn and used as everyday accessories. Our casual wear items range from clothing such as shirts & skirts to belts, key rings, and even purses and bags.
Armor: Our armor can be used for theatre and movies but can also be used for combat such as that found in SCA or LARP groups. There are different levels of protection that you can pick from depending on your use: lighter items for theatre use and heavier more protective pieces for combat.
Custom & Miscellaneous: The few items we make that don't fall into the above categories are placed in this section. The most common items in this section are juggling balls, hacky sacks, dreamcatchers, candleholders, and containers. But we display custom pieces that are a bit more strange and unusual here too.
Chainmail Supplies: We carry a selection of machine cut rings and tools used for making chainmail. Our selection of common sized rings range from those used for combat grade armor to fine jewelry and everything in between. The tools we sell are the same brands which we use so they have been tried and tests.
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