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Refund and Return Policies

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After reading these policies please understand that we do want our customers to be satisfied and we will do what we can to make you happy so you will come back again. After all, without you there would be no us.

If for any reason you need to return a product please be advised of the following rules/ procedures we will take: (Note: Please also read our other policies for further information)

1. Returns

a.1) Returned items must be returned as "Canadian Goods returning" and should only be shipped to our address (not our shippers).
a.2) If the item is sent back without following the above step (see a.1) then we will deduct from your total refund the amount we are charged for any redirect fees, brokerage fees and GST charges OR we will not reship the item before we recieve payment for these additional charges.

b) We will only accept returned items sent back to us if they are unused and within 15 days of the date received by you, the customer.

c) See Refunds below for more information.

2. Refunds

a) We will only refund items sent back to us if they are unused and within 15 days of the date received by you the customer.

b) We will refund you the full cost of the item but not the shipping.

c) If the item(s) is(are) custom made there will be a restocking fee as it will be harder for us to sell an item designed and fitted specifically for you.

d.1) We will not pay for or refund money spent for you to send the item(s) back to us.
d.2) If there are duty fees that we have to pay to receive the item, this amount will be deducted from the total you are refunded.

e) Refunded amount depends on returned items condition. Upon return of the item, we will inspect the item to see what condition it is in. Since we only refund unused items, 99% of these inspections will end up being a full refund (full refund is also dependant upon the other factors stated in this section.

f) Any tampering with the item or suspicious damage will void a refund. We will however send you back your original item(s) as you have paid for them and they are legally still yours. We will pay for the shipping to send the item(s) back to you.

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