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Has your armor seen better days?
Is your shirt a bit snugger than it was a few years ago?

Never fear, you have come to the right place! We repair and adjust many chainmail products: armor, clothing, and jewelry.

Note: There are no set prices for repairs and adjustments as each situation will be slightly different from the next. Some repairs will be easy while others are more labor intensive. Each job will be assessed and quoted upon inspection of the piece. For more information please contact us.


As you are probably well aware, armor sees a lot of wear and tear in combat. Rings can be bent out of shape, mangled, and even open and fall off leaving holes and weakening the structural safety of your armor. With a wide range of materials and ring sizes, we can match almost any materials that your armor might contain so it is ready for your next encounter. If you aren't sure if we'd have the right materials, please ask us and we'll check it out.


As time goes by, people grow and change. While most clothing will not fit the new you, chainmail can be re-adjusted seamlessly so you can still strut your stuff in the clothing you bought before.


Materials and ring sizes used for jewelry can sometimes be weaker then those used for larger items such as clothing or armor. Some jewelry might become stretched causing it to become loose or even break. We can resize your favorite pieces to keep them healthy so they last for even longer.

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