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We love chainmail and we love to see others enjoy making chainmail too. We believe in sharing our knowledge to help others learn and understand chainmail better. To help new chainmailers out, we carry an assortment of rings and tools to help set you on your way. If you'd like to try your hand at chainmail we'd be more then happy to help set you up with everything you need to get started. If you want our advice on what supplies to buy please contact us and we'll gladly be of service.

All ring supplies and tools we sell are the same that we use, and we don't use junk!

Ring Supplies:

Even though we have access to nearly 750+ different rings, we think that that kind of choice would be overwhelming for anyone just starting out. The rings we sell are the most common sizes that are used by chainmailers worldwide for jewelry, armor, and most anything else you can make.

We not only carry different sizes of rings, but also different materials. All of which are described in out Materials Information section under Services. We carry all the different types of metals that we use for our own products.


Because making chainmail is so diverse, there are many different tools needed for different jobs.

Smooth-mouth pliers are normally used with soft metals so they don't mar the surface. Pliers with teeth are generally used on the harder metals (such as steel) to increase grip and to reduce the chances of injuries.

For cutting wire you need wire cutters that will last, and for shaping wire you need some specific tools to get the right look and shapes you want.

We carry all these plus a few more tools to help ease any Do-It-Yourself chainmail task you might have.

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