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Smooth Mouth Pliers

These pliers are the perfect starting point for anyone who is starting out. A light spring opens these pliers (not shown), but the spring can be removed easily if you don't like the resistance.

These work best with Annodized Aluminium since they won't scratch the color off as easily as other pliers. These work well with small gauge wire (18-22). We would not recommend them for large gauge stainless steel as the pliers tend to slip off the rings.

Price: $10.00/each or $17.50/pair(2)

Knipex Flatnose Plier

These pliers are our favored ones to use with large gauge wire (12-18). These do not have a spring, but as you can see from the image, they are a Knipex band plier. The teeth help grip on to the rings so they don't slip. These are what we use for making our armor with and are highly recommended. They are worth the price.

Price: $25.00/each or $45.00/pair(2)

Xuron Jewelry Pliers

These are the tiniest pliers we sell. They work best with very small gauge wire (20-24). The thin tips make them very agile with working with the small rings. These have a spring to help open them.

Jaws have rounded backs for forming operations. These feature a glare eliminating black finish, ergonomically shaped, and non-slip Xuro-Rubber™ grips.

Price: $20.00/each

Xuron Round Nose Pliers

These are traditional jeweler's pliers designed for a non-traditional approach. The round tip transitions to elliptical shape along length of blades for maximum dexterity and forming possibilities. Ideal for forming or looping of very fine wire in precision work. Xuro-Rubber™ cushion grips and Light Touch™ return spring maximizes operator comfort.

We use these for bending our own wire for the Bent wire jewelry we sell and are highly recommended.

Price: $27.50/each

Knipex Cobolt2 Wire Cutter

These are the best wire cutters out there. They are truely amazing and are rated for cutting piano wire! The blades make a near machine-cut cut (giving you a better closure then normal wire cutters) and last forever. Don't be fooled by the price, you are getting more then what you pay for. These have a spring that can be easily removed.

We use these to cut all our wire that cannot be machine-cut.

Price: $90.00/each

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